What motivates you to learn?

An incident the other evening got me pondering what motivates us to learn. As an AHRD professional I am prompted to learn in order to teach new things to others. I think one reason I ended up in this field is because I love to learn. All I need is a new topic (it doesn’t matter the topic) and the excitement to learn takes over.

As I thought about my desire to learn, I started wondering what motivates others to learn and what inhibits learning. People learn when emotionally involved, when challenged, when something goes wrong, when competing with others, when excited, or when they must. What I find intriguing is that what motivates one person to learn may inhibit learning for another.

As AHRD professionals, how do we create a learning environment that meets the needs of all in the room? How do you meet the needs of a participant that learns best when in competition with others and a participant that shuts down when competing? How do you meet the needs of a participant that needs to be emotionally invested to learn and another that shuts down when asked to become emotionally involved? Have you thought about what motivates and inhibits learning for you personally? Do our personal motivators and inhibitors impact what we teach, how we present, how we expect others to respond and what we do in a workshop? Just some things to ponder…


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